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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


MAYSA Message:


JUNE 25, 2020

Thank you to club leaders and their organizations for the local grassroots efforts that have kept players engaged during these uncertain times. We appreciate your continued support of MAYSA and especially the passion everyone has demonstrated to return to the game we all love.

We are pleased to announce the adoption of U.S. Soccer’s “Play On” a return to play protocol which will guide the phased re-entry of  activities. Effective June 29, MAYSA and it’s member clubs may enter Phase II of the Play On protocol, provided that any local (county or municipal) order does not otherwise restrict your return to play. The Phase II Grassroots Soccer Recommendation guide is a comprehensive model to allow soccer to operate under key safety plans and considerations. This guide includes a detailed approach to social distancing, screening, training, and interactions to ensure consistent best practices are followed to promote the health and safety of all participants and fans. 

The core features of Phase II include:

  • Full team training allowed, provided Phase I compliance and  protocols met
  • Social distancing should be maintained, with limited exceptions as part of training activities outlined
  • COVID-19 prevention and response protocols are in place and followed
  • All policies and decisions are guided by local and state recommendations

Ideally, Phase II follows a successful Phase I reintegration, progressing from small groups of a maximum nine (9) players and one (1) coach to full team training in Phase II. While trainings may begin to look more “normal” during Phase II, in consideration of how COVID-19 is transmitted, it is vitally important that everyone involved in the process of return to play does so with extreme diligence and attention to the widely-agreed-upon standards and guidelines.

Additional Points of Emphasis:

  1.  All Phase I recommendations regarding daily medical clearance, training prep, facility cleanings, check ins and individual stations should continue to be followed in Phase II.
  2.  Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 must provide written clearance from a physician to return to club activities.
  3.  Continue to maintain the same groupings/team for activities to limit exposure.
  4.  Ensure the same coach trains the same team consistently.
  5.  Communicate your updated health and safety guidelines to all participants.
  6.  Coaches should not be within six feet of any player.
  7.  Maintain lists of all facility users, participants at training, etc. for contact tracing purposes.
  8.  Participants should avoid intentionally touching each other before, during or after training. (Small sided games and set play activities permitted in Phase II are the exception.)
  9.  It is each individual member’s discretion to return and furthermore, to participate in the advance from Phase I to Phase II. Clubs should be respectful of the family decision and avoid any undue pressure on player participation.

We encourage all MAYSA families to read the PLAY ON protocol and take advantage of the additional resources made available by U.S. Soccer:

Coaches:  Find examples of social distancing training plans here.