Player evaluations for next season will be in early June.  We will be posting dates soon.  Evals are required and help us to place players on the most appropriate team for their skills, and place teams in the most appropriate tier for the collective skills.





If having trouble registering online or need to validate completion, please email  The registration system saves account information, so if you have played with the Club in the past, do NOT set up a new account.  


Competitive/Traveling Soccer

Milton Soccer Club is committed to the individual player and team development of each participant in our competitive division. We strive to place players in a team environment suitable for their abilities and we expect players to strive to do their best for themselves and their teammates.



A competitive player is expected to participate in an average of two practices per week and games that could occur on weekends or weekdays. There could be additional training or tournaments as directed by the individual coach. Lack of participation could jeopardize a player’s ability to develop or maintain skill sets that will help his or her team.  Registration is an annual cost and applies to activities for the upcoming season of practices, games and tournaments (July - June).   Each player will play in each game but minutes are not guaranteed to be balanced in traveling soccer.



Playing time on a competitive team is not guaranteed. Each coach is expected to make decisions that are best for the team in regards to individual playing time based on the competitiveness of games in which they are playing. If there are concerns over playing time, players should speak with their coach directly. Good sportsmanship is a must for players and parents. Please refrain from taunting or arguing with referees, parents or players during games.





Registration Checklist - After Offer Letter is received

AFTER replying to the offer letter email to ACCEPT the offer, then complete the following steps.

1.  Register onlineAfter accepting Offer via email, please log in to the registration system and make sure profile is current.  If you have played with Milton Soccer Club in the past, make sure to use your prior account.  Do NOT create multiple accounts.

2.  Gather documents needed: Update player picture/headshot.  Birth certificate verification may be needed for certain higher tiered teams or teams competing in tournaments that may require.  

3.  Order uniform.  Players are required to have a Traveling White and Red Club jersey, solid black shorts and solid black socks.  Jerseys must be ordered from the vendor.  Socks and shorts can be purchased from the vendor or elsewhere but must be solid in color (no stripes, big logos or designs).  Verify your player number with your Coach or Team Manager prior to ordering to ensure duplicate numbers are not ordered.  All general uniforms questions should be directed to  Allow 6 weeks of turnaround time, so order right away!  Players without a uniform can not play in a game.  ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JULY 14TH!!!

4.  Equipment: shin guards, cleats, water bottle, and feel free to bring your soccer ball (age/size appropriate).

5.  Bring a positive attitude!


If looking to join outside of registration window, placement is not guaranteed.  We will evaluate roster sizes before approval to register.  Email to start the process for off cycle registration