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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


Personal skill development, character development, and cultural education

6 hours per day • Monday to Friday inclusive • Sessions are typically split into 2 x 3 hour blocks • Supervised lunch hour (packed lunch required, unless this is a morning/evening camp).

The full day program builds on the Half Day experience on our Challenger Core camps, and has a perfect balance of those just for fun activities, larger sided games for more tactical knowledge, and individual skill elements such as freestyle!

Emphasis is placed upon improving individual dribbling, passing, control, shooting, with specific focus on personal skill development, character development, and cultural education.

Includes access to a virtual coaching world courtesy of Challenger Virtual, motivating players to practice more at home before, during and after their program on the field!



What should I bring?

Players should bring LOTS of water, a couple of snacks for the Half Day and Full Day a packed lunch. Cleats are optional but advised. Shin guards should be worn. Sun Screen is optional. 


What is the process if raining?

Depending on the severity of the rain. If it is light rain and the fields are still playable we will play on. If the rain gets heavy we will take shelter and wait for it to pass. If a considerable amount of time is missed we will add additional time to the next days to make up for it.


What is the deadline for registration? 

People can register until the day of camp online. There is a $10 late fee within 10 days though. There is a FREE jersey deadline 30 day before camp starts.